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Farm Stand Returns to UT Campus

If you have seen people walking away from East mall with either bags of fruit, bunches of vegetables, or loafs of fresh bread, you have already seen the news. UT Farm stand is active and running. Birk brings more attention to this organization geared towards health and explains more about the farm-to-table movement.

Your Life by Semester Hours

With an overwhelming amount of studying, activities, opportunities in college, it's easy to spread oneself too thin. Frederick addresses the time commitments college students face and provides a scoring system for a reader to determine just how busy your semester may be.

Uber Replacements

Since Uber left Austin, citizens and college-budgeted students have been trying to fill the void left behind in the ride-sharing industry. Shah outlines some alternatives to Uber, noting benefits and downsides to each.

Study Hacks

Finding a quiet spot on a campus that's occupied by 40,000 other people can be quite a difficult endeavor. Scherer points out some good study spots that can give students more options.

5 Tips to Ace Any Interview

Interviewers only get to see a small sliver of an individual and have to extrapolate a character from such little information. Scherer provides some helpful tips on how to make that small sliver well presented, from what you wear to how you prepare.