Welcome to Catalyst's Grade Distributions site!

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Created by the Natural Sciences Council, the grade distributions offer aggregate data over past semesters (from Fall 2013 through Spring 2018!) to help you make more informed decisions for registration. All the grade distributions data is received from the university and is not self-reported.

Enter what you're looking for in the following search boxes, leaving boxes empty if you don't want to filter based on those categories. For instance, if you only select "BIO" for the "Department" dropdown, the page will return all classes from the Biology department, without filtering on other categories. All your results will show up to the right of the search boxes, and you can click each unique class to display the grade distribution. The search is NOT case sensitive, and matches partial words (you can get "Iverson" by typing "iver", for instance), but you do need to spell things correctly! 

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