How to Focus in Class With a Cute TA

Smart, good looking, focused, mature, older, passionate. Who can resist a TA? The natural answer is many, but for many others, a TA can become quite a crush. Ong describes this feeling and how to focus past the lavender haze when in class.

Ten Non-cliche Things to Do in Austin

With Spring Break coming up, massive amounts of students will reencounter the strange phenomenon of free time. This allows for exploration of the city of Austin. Frederick explores some of the unconventional and weird things to do in the weirdest city in Texas.

Mars: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Mars: a planet of potential, sparkling with possibility in the public eye. The hype about Mars is more than just a pipe-dream; it's become a goal for several established organizations that have the resources to make the mission. Schubert covers the escalating research dedicated towards landing humans on Mars, particularly focusing on the uglier portion of the project.

What Sweats Here...

Students of UT share a common bond of sweating through the hot weather to make the trek to their classes. Flowers documents the evidence of that bond through the varying sweat stains UT students gain when walking through the heat.

Professor Party Tricks Revealed

From Bill Nye to Breaking Bad, many of us have learned and seen science tricks over the years. Even in a classroom setting, professors use these tricks to entertain students. You explains the science going on behind the professors' shows.

BS vs. BSA

There are an overwhelming number of different paths to get from freshman year to graduation. From a Computer Science BSA with a certificate in Food and Society to a Textiles and Apparel Honors BS, students have a vast number of options to pick from. Langan consolidates the information by outlining the distinction between a BS and a BSA degree at UT and presents what each degree requires. 

Farm Stand Returns to UT Campus

If you have seen people walking away from East mall with either bags of fruit, bunches of vegetables, or loafs of fresh bread, you have already seen the news. UT Farm stand is active and running. Birk brings more attention to this organization geared towards health and explains more about the farm-to-table movement.

Your Life by Semester Hours

With an overwhelming amount of studying, activities, opportunities in college, it's easy to spread oneself too thin. Frederick addresses the time commitments college students face and provides a scoring system for a reader to determine just how busy your semester may be.