A Poem on Rape Culture

Stork addresses rape culture, sexual assault, and sexism through a poem based on the statistics released by the Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE). She comments on the prevalence of sexual assault among women, and the mental ramifications that it causes.

NS Week Highlights

Every year, the Natural Sciences Council works to put on events that highlight the College of Natural Sciences’ many facets, including research, outreach, and creative ingenuity. This year’s Natural Sciences Week was held from February 27th to March 4th, and here are the highlights!

Jim the Circle - Part 1

Hold onto your compasses, folks. The best shape in the game is rolling out of his little “o” to find some glory - and rolls into some big trouble in the process. Jessu records the adventure of a circle attempting to become a sphere.

UT Energy Symposium

The energy field is a vast field, embracing a variety of disciplines within it. This diversity can be seen at UT Energy Symposium, where talks are given about the field of energy in its current state. Rathore gives a rundown of the topics covered and how to get involved during the semester.

How to Focus in Class With a Cute TA

Smart, good looking, focused, mature, older, passionate. Who can resist a TA? The natural answer is many, but for many others, a TA can become quite a crush. Ong describes this feeling and how to focus past the lavender haze when in class.

Ten Non-cliche Things to Do in Austin

With Spring Break coming up, massive amounts of students will reencounter the strange phenomenon of free time. This allows for exploration of the city of Austin. Frederick explores some of the unconventional and weird things to do in the weirdest city in Texas.

Mars: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Mars: a planet of potential, sparkling with possibility in the public eye. The hype about Mars is more than just a pipe-dream; it's become a goal for several established organizations that have the resources to make the mission. Schubert covers the escalating research dedicated towards landing humans on Mars, particularly focusing on the uglier portion of the project.