Study Hacks

Study Hacks


Everyone already knows all the top places to study on campus – the PCL, the FAC and the Union. As a result, these popular spots are crowded, noisy, and can become a bit mundane. Here are a couple top-secret on campus study spots you can try out if you want to mix it up a bit

  1. Geosciences Library

Located in the JGB, I can honestly say I have never seen this library completely full. Plus, they have REALLY comfy couches, and the Pangea Café is right there with pretty decent coffee and a variety of snacks whenever you’re starting to get hungry or sleepy.

  1. Fine Arts Library

The Fine Arts library is a little bit out of your way, especially if you live in West Campus, but that means that it’s less crowded. If you need to reserve a room for a study group and the PCL is all booked out, the Fine Arts Library almost always has rooms free (this is super handy during finals). Plus, if you like to study in silent places but the fluorescence of the PCL depresses you, this is the best place to go.

  1. Life Sciences Library

Quiet and uncrowded, this library is the perfect stop always nearby due to its convenient central location on campus. In addition, the architecture and design of the library is still from the 1930s, so the grand ceiling and beautiful designs make for a great environment to study.

  1. CLA

I was surprised when I realized how much I liked studying here! The CLA is right in the middle of campus, so it’s great for some quick middle-of-the-day studying, and it’s open until 11pm during the week! The 3rd and 4th floors have long hallways that are full of tables, and it’s usually fairly quiet, especially towards the evening. During the day, the porch behind the CLA is also a great place to study. The garden next to the porch is well tended and there are always tons of seats and tables available.

  1. NHB

The balcony in the NHB is a wonderful place to study, but many students at UT already know about this. What they don’t know is that there are a ton of tables (almost all of them with outlets nearby) scattered throughout the entire 2nd floor. It’s quiet, and there are often not many people here, so you can almost always find a seat. The only thing to be careful about is that the building gets locked at 6pm, so if you’re not inside before then, you will get locked out.

In addition to finding surprising places to study, these are some other tidbits I’ve picked up along the way that have definitely improved my studying!

·     When choosing a perfect study spot, one of the main concerns of many is the noise level. If you struggle in areas that are completely silent or maybe have one person being incredibly loud, ambient background noise can be the solution!There are tons of websites that offer a variety of different types of noise, but I find that coffitivity has the best calming coffee shop noises completely free! Coffitivity is a website that plays that nice, ambient sound whenever and wherever you are. 

·      Eating good food while studying is also important, and since I moved off campus I’ve been a huge fan of bringing my own lunch with me in the morning (save those $$$ guys!). However, but the huge line at the Welch microwave is always such a bummer. I’m here to tell you there’s also a microwave on the second floor of the NHB that’s open to everyone ,and there’s never anyone there!! (Also bonus points because it’s quite a bit cleaner as well). There are also a sink and paper towels right there as well if your food gets a little messy.

·      In between study sessions you might want to take some naps. Luckily for you, the University Health Services has put together this handy nap map,  but I’ll run you through some of my personal favorite spots for some quick zzz’s

o   The 3rd floor of the Union in the silent area. The best part is that 95% of the other people here are napping as well ,so you won’t feel weird at all

o   Benches on the 1st floor if the NHB – SUPER comfy and usually empty,  so even if the Union is full you’ll always find a nap spot here

o   South Mall. This location is often overlooked, but sometimes during the early fall and late spring the temperature becomes just right, making this the absolute ideal spot for a nap anytime of day.

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