College can be a little overwhelming at times.

College can be a little overwhelming at times.

Welcome to our Unofficial Guide

If you're intimidated about college, there's typically a reason why. There's a lot coming at you. Fast. You don't have those typical support networks around you like your family or childhood friends. You're out of the pool and into the ocean. There's a lot you can explore, a lot to learn, and a lot to live. There's a lot.

We're here to help you process that "a lot." We're here to focus on the good, the bad, and most of all the new portions of college for you. Check it out.

How to Survive College — beginning with a letter from an upperclassman to their freshman self, this section offers more personal insights into being a college freshman that ranges mainly over sleep, self-care, studying, social life, and balancing it all

Research and Internships — it's all in the title. There's a lot in those three words. The research and internship worlds are oft talked about at UT, particularly for CNS students. Learn more about what research is, what the daily life is like, how to discover what you might enjoy, how to get involved, and the very same with internships.

UT/CNS Resources — I remember zero resources from my freshman orientation. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. However, those resources were introduced for a reason; some incredible resources are at the edge of your fingertips from the Study Abroad Office to the Counseling and Mental Health Center. Find out more about resources in studying abroad, academics, career services, and health & wellness.

Student Orgs — aaaaaaah. Have you been to the student org fair every fall? If you have, you'll know that no human can possibly make a thorough visit every booth. The advantage of being at such a large university turns into a disadvantage when you can't figure out things you'd like to get involved in! That's where we step in. We compiled an up-to-date directory of student orgs with information on the org's purpose, events, requirements, and testimonials.

Schools of CNS — 75% of UT students change their majors at least once. Going with statistics, it's pretty likely that you too will be among the 75%. And that's typically a good thing because much of college is about figuring out what you like, what you want to do. This guide outlining every department and degree differences may help you out.