The Seven Best Science Date Spots in Austin

The Seven Best Science Date Spots in Austin


The weather’s getting colder in Austin, which can only mean one thing –– cuffing season is upon us. In order to stay ahead of the game, you’ll first have to “woo” that special someone with a bit of charm, luck, and a few great dates. Thankfully we’ve got you covered on that last front. For the seven best nature and science-themed date spots in Austin, read on.

Austin Nature and Science Center (ANSC)

A program from the Austin Department of Parks and Recreation, the ANSC offers educational animals exhibits in a zoo-like setting. The program works to house and rehabilitate animals, many of whom are unable to survive in the wild due to injury or incorrect socialization with humans after being kept as pets. The center is home to three different exhibits which span from the Birds of Prey section, to the little critters in the Small Wonders area, to the larger Mammal enclosure.

Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo is a nonprofit organization which focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. The zoo runs entirely on donations and gift shop sales and is home to animals from a variety of backgrounds, such as those who served as laboratory research animals or were kept as exotic pets. Unlike the previous items on this list, the Austin Zoo charges an admission expense, but all tickets can be purchased for under $12, and there is a student discount! This is a wonderful place to see amazing creatures without sacrificing your ethics.

Zilker Botanical Garden

The Zilker Botanical Garden sits on 26 acres of Austin land, and its many gardens showcase a variety of native Austin plants. Visitors can explore gardens with an array of themes such as the Green Garden, which features plants and environmentally sustainable practices, or the Prehistoric Garden, which pays homage to dinosaur tracks found in the garden. The Prehistoric Garden also showcases a combination of primitive plants and plants originating from the Jurassic period.

Austin Aquarium

The Austin Aquarium is home to thousands of species and is an amazing way to see animals otherwise separated from humans. As well as the typical aquatic viewing opportunities, the aquarium features a stingray touch tank and an interactive aviary. With an emphasis on encouraging conservation through education and interaction, this is an ideal spot to explore the wonders of the animal world together.

Fossil Hunting in Shoal Creek

Modern Shoal Creek skirts the western border of the UT campus and winds through Pease Park. Around 100 million years ago, the landscape was coastal and dramatically different. Nowadays, finding marine Cretaceous fossils is common and easy via joining a pre-organized fossil hunting party! A good technique is to wait just until after a rainstorm before combing the banks of the creek.

Hiking at the Greenbelt

The Barton Creek Greenbelt consists of 7.25 miles of wilderness riddled with winding interconnected trails, and picturesque waterfronts. ‘The Greenbelt’ as it is colloquially known offers a cornucopia of outdoor activities from which to pick. Whether you choose to go bouldering along the rock faces, hiking the many trails, or even taking a dip in the creek itself, The Greenbelt is the perfect place to explore nature and create memories.

South Congress Bridge Bats

The bat has become something of a symbol for Austin, and for good cause too. From the springtime until late fall, peaking during the summer months, people from all over the world gather along the South Congress Bridge in order to watch the flight of the largest urban bat colony. From 7:30-8:30 pm, spectators can observe Austin’s population of just under 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats as they engage in their nightly frenzy of feeding and aerial acrobatics.

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