NS Week - A Week to Celebrate the Natural Sciences

NS Week - A Week to Celebrate the Natural Sciences


Natural Sciences: the branch of knowledge that deals with the study of the physical world. This simple phrase has captured the dedication of over 10,000 students at UT— those within the College of Natural Sciences. Coming soon, a week of events to celebrate these students will be put on by Natural Sciences Council.

This week, Natural Sciences Week, is meant to excite students about their chosen fields of study, emphasize the resources available to students within CNS, and build camaraderie between the students within the College of Natural Sciences. The events within the week are described below.


Big Bang

Location: Turtle Pond Lawn

Time: 02/27, 5-6:30 pm

Natural Sciences Week kicks off with the event of Big Bang. The event seeks to connect CNS students with departments by having the departments or departmental organizations present demonstrations and speak to undergraduates about their work.

Some demonstrations include the Physics Circus performing angular momentum tricks, the Textiles department showcasing items of clothing they've designed, and the American Chemistry Society creating liquid nitrogen ice cream. There will be free T-shirts and pizza to enjoy as you participate in the demonstrations.

By attending the event, students will be able to interface with organizations and departments of the College of Natural Sciences and learn about their work. In addition, students who are in the process of choosing a major or field of study will be able to gain insight into the various departments.


Research Speed Dating

Location: PCL, Learning Lab 1, 2.370

Time: 02/28, 5-6:30 pm

Research Speed-dating connects the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences. Participating students will have an opportunity to present their research to someone outside of their field in a concise and articulate manner. In addition, professors will provide immediate feedback on their presentation. Students will learn how to present their research in an approachable, concise, articulate, and informative manner.

Students who RSVP to participate will learn and practice presentation skills which they can use at research fairs or thesis presentations.


CNS Connections


Location: Union Santa Rita Suite

Time: 02/28, 6-8 pm

CNS Connections, co-hosted by Natural Sciences Council and Career Services, aims to connect CNS undergraduates with working professionals to show students the incredible diversity of industries they can enter with their major. The companies present are looking for students from a wide distribution of majors including biology, neuroscience, chemistry, and more, which typically have trouble finding resources for their search for positions in industry rather than medicine and academia.

Students will be able to approach professionals in a cocktail style and small-group setting to gain first-hand insights into potential career paths after graduating from college with a science degree. The event is come-and-go. Appetizers will be served and the attire for the event is business casual.

By attending, students can attain valuable information from people in the field about what skills and attributes are most sought or marketable. Students can also become more aware of companies, positions, and fields that they otherwise would not know existed.


Star Party


Location: RLM Rooftop

Time: 03/01, 8-10 pm

In Star Party, people congregate on the rooftop of RLM in order to gaze at the stars and forget their work for a little while. Trivia will be held with free t-shirts and space-themed posters as prizes. Space-themed candy is a given. Before the event of stargazing, students can relax by checking out science demos in the lobby of RLM. These vary from a Mars globe to a black hole demo. This event is good for people interested in the complexities of space or for those who just want to relax.


Art In Science

Location: Welch Grand Hallway

Time: 03/02, 3-5 pm

Art in Science will be showcasing ten UT scientists' elegant research but in a different context than usual. Instead of focusing on the researchers' methods, data, and analyses, we'll be taking a step back and appreciating the research for its artistic value, as these projects all involve beautiful graphics, worthy of being framed. Art In Science demonstrates that art and science can go hand-in-hand. This event will enliven Welch Hall with beautiful artwork for the day and will bring a new and different perspective to science.


Spring Research Symposium

Location: CLA 0.102

Time: 03/03, 12-2 pm

Natural Sciences Council and SURGe are partnering to bring Spring Research Symposium to wrap up NS Week. The event features a panel of graduate students from various disciplines sharing their experiences and insights into research. The panel will be an open Q&A format with time after the panel for students to meet the guest speakers in person. Food and drinks will be served at the event.


Natural Sciences Week aims to connect the college and show everything the college has to offer. This week unifies students across the many different fields through a series uplifting science-based events. Come out to show your pride for being a student in the College of Natural Sciences.  

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