What Sweats Here...

What Sweats Here...

….stains the shirt



Let’s talk about sweat, baby.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the sweat stains. Walking around campus, it is hard to control the profuse over activity of our sweat glands in the heat. It is sometimes hard to distinguish whether a person has come from the gym or walked from the UTC to the SSB because of the similarity in perspiration amounts.


Science Behind Sweating

Instead of existing to dampen our handshakes, sweat is a ways of thermoregulation our bodies. Evaporation of sweat from the surface of the skin has a cooling effect. Heat induced sweating occurs all over the body. Humans have an average of two to four million sweat glands.


Below we examine the types of sweat stains accumulated from walking around campus for 25 minutes.


The Classic: Pit Sweat

Paradox: you need to lift your arms to dry your pits, but doing this publicizes the stain; to hide the stain you keep your arms to your side, but your pits can’t dry and the stain stays.  Made worse by backpack straps.



Backpack Sweat

When there is prolonged direct contact with your skin/shirt, you will get a stain. More often than not for people on campus, the back sweat forms in the shape of their backpack. Misleading because it is hidden when wearing the backpack, but becomes obvious when the backpack is dismounted.



The Drip

Unique patterning caused by sweat dripping from the forehead/upper body down onto the lower part of the shirt. Pros: not easily detected/can be mistaken for spilled beverage. Con: can eventually spread to a larger area and form one massive stain.


Bottom line, everybody sweats. The Texas heat may sometimes get the better of us, but to avoid any problems make sure you are properly hydrating throughout the day and avoid heather gray as a wardrobe choice. Embrace it, because everyone else around you is also sweating like a pat of butter on a hot biscuit. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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