Uber Replacements

Uber Replacements


Are you an Austinite who was furious when Uber and Lyft left town? Do you often experience the feelings of rage, anger, or even depression that you can no longer get around Austin without investing in a car? No need to worry or fear. In Austin there are now seven prime rideshare services, other than your customary carpooling or bus riding, which are now offered at cheap and affordable prices. Some of these companies include Fare, Fasten, Get Me, InstaRyde, RideAustin, Wingz, and zTrip.




Unlike Uber and Lyft which could take you anywhere, Fare specializes with travel to and from the airport. However, this company can still take travelers to any destination. For this rideshare service, there is a minimum service fee which ranges between $5 and $15 depending on the size of the vehicle you requested. Likewise, if you find a driver you really “vibe” with or get along with, you are able to select and request your preferred drivers.



Different from most ride share services, Fasten does not charge a minimum fare. This company simply charges you per minute and per mile. Additionally, Fasten does not have surge pricing, so prices remain constant and do not fluctuate during the time of day. However, there is a small base fee for this ride share service. The base fee is dependent on the size of the vehicle you requested.




Get Me is more than just a rideshare service. Get Me also delivers! However, in terms of travelling and requesting a ride, rates change depending upon the time of day and the distance traveled. The distance travelled is determined by pre-zoned areas around your location of pickup and drop off. Unfortunately, the charge for delivery or a ride may be higher when compared to other competitor rideshare services. But, on the bright side, there are no extra fees for using this service, nor is there surge pricing.





Sadly, InstaRyde is still in the soft launch mode so there are not as many available drivers right now compared to other rideshare services. But, their pricing is similar to that of Uber and Lyft in that the price per ride is solely dependent on mileage and pricing. Additionally, InstaRyde does not have any surge pricing. The minimum fares for this service range from two to five dollars and is dependent on the number of passengers.




Unlike other ride share services, RideAustin is a nonprofit. This company allows you to donate or round up your fare rate so you can donate it to other organizations or services. By riding with RideAustin, you are giving back to the community while getting to your destination!




Like Fare, Wingz specializes in rides to and from the airport. However, this service is not on-demand, but rather you have to request your ride at least two hours in advance prior to your pickup. Additionally, Wingz does have a $15 minimum when riding with the service.




Unlike any other rideshare service, zTrip allows you to hitch a ride with a car or taxi. This company has a quoted flat rate and offers both on-demand and scheduled rides.



With all these options, it can be quite confusing to determine which ride share service is best for you. Luckily, there is a website for that. The website Ride Finder.io keeps track of all the ride-share services in the city. Ride Finder.io allows you to enter your starting and ending address and will estimate the fare for all rideshare platforms. Currently RideFinder.io provides estimates for the services of Fare, Fasten, Get Me, and Wingz, but it plans to add more ride share services in the future. Best of luck finding a ride!


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