Science of the Month - November



A new study shows that analyzing protein-coding DNA may give insight into mutations that cause genetic diseases.



Research at John Hopkins University reveals that the process of diamond formation is more common than once thought.



Physics and Astronomy

NASA detects a powerful gamma-ray pulsar outside of the Milky Way.


Health and Medicine

Excessive use of antibiotics in raising farm animals may be increasing the risk of drug-resistant bacteria exposure for children.


Mind and Brain

Brain training may not have significant effect on cognition, but may be able to alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


Math and Technology

New software developed at the University of Rochester has shown better abilities to identify emotions in speech than humans.


Earth and Climate

Adverse effects caused by manmade climate change may soon be experienced by human societies.



New discoveries in South Africa reveals information on an extinction event that occurred more than 250 million years ago.

Test Tube Perserverance

Test Tube Perserverance

Paleolithic diet or Paleo-“mythic” diet?

Paleolithic diet or Paleo-“mythic” diet?