Halloweekend Hype

SANJANA BALACHANDRA Halloween is just around the corner, but this week has you so crammed with tests, papers, and lab reports that you’ve neglected to make plans. You’re at the age where you’re “too old” to go trick-or-treating, but you’re reluctant to give up your favorite holiday (along with Thanksgiving, Christmas — really, every holiday of the year). What’s a college student to do? Have no fear, Catalyst is here to guide you into a spooky, fun Halloweekend!

House of Torment

Address: 523 E Highland Mall Blvd, Austin, TX 78752 Time: 7:30PM-12:00AM Price: $19.99-$28.99 per person


House of Torment is an Austin Halloween classic. With three unique houses, featuring clowns, witches, and marauders, there’s something that’s sure to scare everyone. Too afraid to go alone? You can get discounts for groups of 15 people or more by booking in advance. Parking is easy and free, but the wait time usually varies. Costumes are encouraged, but props and masks are not permitted inside the attractions. How else will everyone see how afraid you are?

Austin Panic Room

Address: 1205 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX, 78701 Time: 10:00AM-10:00PM Price: $20 per person

Photo by: http://downtownaustinblog.org/2015/05/07/things-to-do-in-downtown-austin-austin-panic-room/ If ghouls and goblins don’t stress you out, the Austin Panic Room will. Located near downtown, the Austin Panic Room is a one-of-a-kind locked puzzle room adventure. You and your friends will have to combine wits, working against the clock to escape from the newest addition, the Abandoned School Room. There are still plenty of spots open all day for Halloween, and reservations of up to 10 people can be made online through their website. Very few people successfully make it out, and with only 60 minutes to escape, can you handle the pressure?

Alamo Drafthouse-Ritz: Master Pancake Theatre presents The Exorcist

Address: 320 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 Time: 7:00PM, 10:00PM Price: $14.50

AlamoDrafthouseRitz The Alamo Drafthouse-Ritz location is doing a special Master Pancake Theatre showing of The Exorcist. Master Pancake is a hilarious comedy troupe that specializes in spoofing movies. This isn’t any old Youtube trailer parody; Master Pancake Theatre actors actually sit in and watch the movie with the audience, making funny comments and incorporating skits, costumes, and singing along the way. For those of you who might be terrified of scary movies (and for those of you who love to laugh at those terrified of scary movies), this is a great way to have some lighthearted fun while keeping with the Halloween theme.

Don’t let the scariest thing you do all weekend be your OChem lab report. Grab your costume, your friends, and your wallet and head out for a spooktacular Halloween!

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