All Aboard the Registration Struggle Bus

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Frustration, uncertainty, hatred of technology—If you’ve ever dealt with registration at grand ol’ UT Austin, it is highly likely that you have been subjected to one of these salient struggles in your pre-semester preparation frenzy. Though it’s a necessary process, I don’t believe I’m alone in feeling at least some low-key aggression towards a moderately confusing system that determines the fate of the entire coming semester.

The list of obstacles is endless, from making a new MyEdu account for the third time (wait, which of my e-mail addresses did I sign up with again?) to obsessively comparing schedules with your friends . With registration for next semester wrapping up,  hopefully you can appreciate a sympathetic soul relating to your struggles on a deeply personal level. However, if you have been so unlucky as to still not have registered…bless your poor soul.

There are a few central stages of registration in one’s college career, addressed below:

The Freshmen

You thought the Hunger Games series was super cool until you realized that freshman registration was a real life rendition, except without attractive men fighting for your love. You discover the wonders of and spend hours scouring the web and interrogating friends and strangers alike about what classes to take. You've either written down ten possible schedule scenarios (a product of four stressful hours) or have resigned to wing it when the dreaded hour comes. As you sit in a large room with your peers the day of orientation, the palpable suspense from waiting for registration to open elevates your blood pressure. Then, when the moment finally arrives, the probability of some sort of technology malfunction skyrockets as everyone jumps on the Wi-Fi at once. Regret suddenly fills you as you mournfully wish you had taken your AP tests more seriously, particularly as you bitterly sign up for 8 AM classes. Through all of this, you desperately seek the wisdom of your Orientation Advisors, only to come to the conclusion that they are equally clueless. You give dirty looks to your peers in programs with reserved classes as you restrain yourself from hurling your computer a nearby unsuspecting victim. After some blood, sweat, and inevitable tears, you walk away thinking about switching majors because you have no idea what you’re doing with your life anyway. Time for a therapeutic Netflix binge.

Sophomores and Juniors

These two are lumped together because they are basically the same scenario. Whether you’re a second or third year, you may think that you’ll have enough credit hours to not deal with waitlists. You may say “I’m too old for this, I deserve to get the classes I want,” but shall inevitably face the harsh reality that everyone else is in the same cramped boat. It’s cool, you probably didn’t want to graduate on time anyway.


Sweet redemption. The world is your oyster—world meaning registration, because that’s all everyone seems to talk about, right? Oh wait, you’re a senior. The biggest challenge here is actually remembering to register for that whopping nine hours for the semester you graduate. Don’t get too sunburned at Coachella

Transfer Students

It’s really kind of a mystery, but unlike Scooby Doo, you can’t solve your problems by satisfying your munchies. You aren’t really sure how registration and transferring of credits works for you, and frankly, neither does anyone else on campus. Mazel tov.

Registration is a taxing struggle, but live in comfort knowing it gets better. We’re all in this together, right? At the end of the day, we would not want to be struggling with registration at any other university.

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