Photo of the Week: Project Giving Tree

Photo of the Week: Project Giving Tree

SAM THOMPSON The railing of the Gates-Dell Complex (GDC) main staircase, featuring alumni who have donated to the Department of Computer Science as a part of the “Project Giving Tree” fundraising campaign.

Project Giving Tree is a student-led program that seeks to tackle the problems of decreasing university funding. State funding for UT Austin has fallen dramatically over the past thirty years and today, state funding makes up only 13% of the university’s budget. While many universities have high rates of alumni giving (on the order of 50%), the Department of Computer Science’s alumni giving rate in 2012 was an abysmal 0.5%. Project Giving Tree was founded to turn this statistic around by kick-starting alumni giving, starting with graduating seniors.

Despite the shiny new building which gives the impression that Computer Science has a substantial budget, problems with overcrowded undergraduate classes remain. Donors’ dollars are put into an endowment that the department will use for new classes.

For more information on giving to the University of Texas Department of Computer Science, please visit

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