Natural Sciences Council Welcomes 15 New Members

Natural Sciences Council Welcomes 15 New Members


SAM THOMPSON Natural Sciences Council warmly welcomes its newest members for the Spring 2015 semester. Selected from a pool of over 70 applicants, these 15 individuals were selected based on their outstanding leadership and creative abilities, and represent the future student leaders of the College of Natural Sciences. Hook ‘em!

[Third row] Ibrahim Baida - Lake Jackson, TX - Biochemistry Master basketball-on-finger spinner, ex punk-rocker

[Second row] Natalie Scherer - Boston, MA - Biology Trilingual, art history aficionado, professional bookworm

Biraj Pandey - Euless, TX - Neuroscience and Mathematics Wants to get his PhD in Math and work in computational neuroscience research or Wall Street

Logan Dubose - Lake Jackson, TX - Biochemistry Loves Jazz, House, M.D., and singing

Rishabh Kothari - Plano, TX - Biology Quadrilingual, lived inside Yellowstone National Park

Salman Hasan - Denton, TX - Neurobiology Foodie, skateboarder, has met Bryan Cranston

Bria Burciaga - Dallas, TX - Biology Expert cartwheeler, dog-lover, kissed Ed Sheeran

Rachelle Allen - Watertown, NY - Retail Merchandising and Apparel Design Painter and photographer, aspires to create a clothing brand that doesn’t discriminate women based on sizes

[First row] Minji Son - Plano, TX - Biology Horror movie lover, good at cooking Korean food (only on some days, according to her), DIYer

Nayeon Kim - Katy, TX - Biology Bilingual, once talked to Sean Lowe from The Bachelor

Tracy Tran - Los Angeles, CA - Neuroscience Expert multi-tasker, has never tried Dr. Pepper, wants to get her Ph.D. and find therapeutic treatments for neurodegenerative diseases

Sophia Tran - Houston, TX - Biology Loves baking, kayaking, and soccer

Madeline Cuba - Katy, TX - Neuroscience Has a pet tortoise and sugar glider, met Paramore, loves making puns

Pooja Patel - Southlake, TX - Neuroscience Expert communicator, Black Belt, loves to explore new coffee shops

[Not pictured] Deen Aariff - Santa Clara, CA - Undeclared Natural Sciences First on any alphabetical list, aspires to start his own tech company

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Stop the CrISIS

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