End7: Battling Treatable Tropical Diseases

End7 at UT is a non-profit charity organization that strives to raise awareness and funds to combat the seven most common neglected tropical diseases affecting those living in poverty worldwide. We are a new organization to the UT campus consisting of brand new general members and 6 executive board members.

Our mission for END7 at UT is first and foremost to raise awareness throughout our community about the seven most common neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), as well as to raise donations to help fund NTD treatment programs in poverty-stricken areas. These diseases result in a devastating cycle of poverty by preventing children from receiving an education and disabling adults from working. This in turn decreases human capital, worker productivity and gross domestic product of an area.

Treating these diseases has great implications for the furtherance of socioeconomic status in developing nations. Protecting an individual from these debilitating and socially-stigmatizing diseases gives them the chance to obtain an education, find work, and start a family without the impending threat of illness. We are the first student chapter of the national nonprofit organization, END7, and work to involve both the UT and greater Austin community in NTD treatment efforts.

Being only a semester old, we have a small and enthusiastic group with a desire to see the end of these diseases. This semester, we have encouraged new members to join our organization and have made serious efforts to expand our organization. General members in END7 at UT are required to meet several criteria by the end of the semester in order to maintain member status and be eligible for executive board positions. The three main requirements are to attend at five out of seven general meetings per semester, to participate in at least three fundraising, tabling, or awareness events, and to raise $50 by the end of the semester. General members interested in being on a committee must meet additional requirements set in place by the leaders of each committee.

This is the first semester END7 at UT has extended membership invitations to students; there are currently 15 general members in the organization and many more students have expressed interest in joining. We look forward to welcoming new members on a rolling basis throughout the semester. We have an increasing interest base with students in all spheres of the campus community. We are trying to branch out to students of all majors and interests. We hope to keep expanding our presence on campus and to continue the work we do to combat NTD’s. If you are interested please email me at mary.benson@utexas.edu

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