Condoms, Fashion, and a Cause

By Alejandra B. Salinas

Seven hundred condoms. Colored condoms, may I add.

That, imagination, and a lot of dedication are what go into the many fabulous designs that will be featured in FACE AIDS’s yearly benefit fashion show, Condom Couture, to be held this Thursday, March 27th  at 7pm.  

If you are unfamiliar with this non-profit organization, FACE AIDS is a national student organization founded by students, for students, and has a partnership with Partners in Health (PIH). Together, PIH and FACE AIDS allow students to mobilize common passions and interests in resolving global inequity and social injustice in many impoverished countries, and to end the social stigmas around HIV/AIDS that still exist today. The FACE AIDS chapter here at UT Austin works primarily for the Partners in Health Clinic based in Rwanda.

The proceeds raised during this week’s upcoming fashion show will go towards providing infant formula to HIV-exposed infants in Rwanda.

As fellow chapter president Kat Wilcox stated, the organization is hopeful that they will raise their chapter goal of 8,000 dollars, which has been a collective effort through individual fundraising and through the funds allocated from World Aids Week, held this past December, and Condom Couture.

In the past few years, the benefit fashion show has contributed the most towards the cause, along with friendly competition among the student organizations here on campus that partake in the design process.

Along with the individual Austin designers registered in the show, the following student organizations will also be participating; Texas Secular Humanists, FLAGS (the Federation of Lesbian, Ally, and Gay Sports), Awesome Bi-Collective, Blazers, Communication Council, Queer Students Alliance (QSA), and Oxfam.

Reserve your Thursday evening to partake in an event full of fashion, love, and a great cause to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS by supporting your fellow peers as they strut down the runway in bold condom-bearing designs.

Tickets will be priced at a pre-sale value of $7 and $10 at the door in the SAC Ballroom.

Share the love, not the disease. 

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