Letter From the Editor

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”
-         Mark Spitz

This is one of my favorite quotes, voiced by a seven-time gold medalist American swimmer, and it's only fitting as we watch our country compete in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. For those who are intrigued by the winter sports, the elegance of the figure skating, the creativity in the snowboarding events, or the cringing for the participants in the moguls, there is a key component of this athletic showing which always go unnoticed, the preparation.
Many of these athletes have dreamed all their life to make it to the Olympics, and have put in years of hard work to even make it to this stage, yet we only see the final product. In a similar way, we as college students have put in the work over our academic years to reach our “Olympics”, working and competing against the best of the best in our respective future fields. Therefore, regardless of one’s ideal final destination, whether that be on the podium at the Olympics, or the graduation stage in May, preparation and hard work are always at the core.

In this edition of the Catalyst, our first issue addresses the preparation of a college student in a variety of ways. For those who have been at the University for some time, you would agree there are certain things that you were advised to do or not do, but yet failed to listen. Getting your 6-8 hours of sleep is a great example, which few of us have managed to consistently follow. Here we’ll help you rediscover what you should be doing to obtain an optimal college experience. Take a look into the benefits of extracurricular, by being part of organizations and pursuing your passion. Pre-med? Hear from some great organizations within our college, which would like to have you join them and their cause, or read about what every pre-med must know, the health care law. Furthermore, listen to the advice from our Assistant Dean, as she provides insight into how she incorporates fitness into our busy life, or hear from a dedicated resident assistant who is using his position to promote an active lifestyle. Regardless of your duration at the University, take advantage of the great collection of articles written by our contributors to help you on your way towards your future goal. 

The Catalyst welcomes contributions from anyone within the College of Natural Sciences. If you would like to pursue your love of writing, share a unique experience, or highlight your organization and its events, please email me at nsc.catalyst.chair@gmail.com

-Until Next Time

Lakshya Nagar



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