Letter From the Editor

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Every semester we students find ourselves questioning where the semester went. It’s amazing that although the past three months of our lives felt as if they were overbooked with exams, papers, and many other time commitments, we somehow survived it. Now there exists just a couple more academic commitments between us and our well-deserved winter break. The true questions will soon become, “What do I do for an entire month?”

Although it’s commonly associated with a time without school, winter break is often utilized by many students to take on some unique opportunities. If you’re looking to continue or pursue research, there are many faculty members on campus that would welcome the help of an undergraduate. In fact, why limit yourself to faculty on campus? Learn about how you could be planning your summer research or study abroad trip. Perhaps you’ve had enough academia for the semester, and want to do something in your community. Check out some awesome volunteer ideas where you could use your free time to help others in need. The opportunities are endless, so explore what you could be doing during your break prior to committing to a month-long date with your bed and TV.
Now of course there is only one “minor” thing that stands between us and winter break, those dreaded finals. Enjoy your study breaks with a clever insight into how students within our college perceive each other according to majors. In addition, if you’re not familiar already, discover some unheard of gems in Austin that may perhaps become your new favorite place to unwind!

Finally, for all you freshmen, I hope you’re reassured that you made the correct choice to attend this great institution! Your first semester is approaching its end, but the goal should now be to make the future ones progressively more impactful and memorable. To all the seniors, which includes myself, there is now only one semester left in our undergraduate career. Although graduation couldn’t come any sooner, we are been blessed to attend this university, and therefore need to make sure that we leave it on nothing less than a high note.

           I’ve appreciated all the support and consistent readership The Catalyst has received this semester.  We’ll continuing to make changes and improvements, and would love any feedback that you may have. If you’re interested in writing for The Catalyst, feel free to email nsc.catalyst.chair@gmail.com for more information. Best of luck with your finals!

P.S. The Natural Sciences Council would like to invite you all to attend Cannies and Cookies on Wednesday, December 4th, from 1-3PM. De-stress before finals by interacting with some awesome dogs from Austin Pets Alive!

Until Next Semester...
-Lakshya Nagar


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