Across Campus, Across State, Across Disciplines in the Longhorn Band


The stadium roared with energy as defensive tackle, Chris Whaley, cruised into the in-zone after intercepting a throw from Oklahoma’s quarterback, Blake Bell. Though my lungs ached and my throat throbbed, I enthusiastically belted out Texas Fight with the rest of the Longhorn Band. I surged with feelings of excitement, pride, and kinship with my peers: with the band, with the University of Texas.

The College of Natural Sciences provides students with a world-class education. In addition, there are innumerable other organizations that students can partake in on campus and be provided with world-class experiences. In my case, Longhorn Band first piqued my interest. Most of my high school band mates decided not to continue with musical ensembles in college, namely because it seemed so irrelevant to their majors or careers. As a result, I wondered too if joining the band in college was a wise decision.

However, auditioning for the Longhorn Band has thus far proven to be a fantastic decision. The Longhorn Band has students from every discipline on campus, including our own College of Natural Sciences. I have had the opportunity to meet both freshman and upperclassmen to learn new perspectives and existing traditions around campus, as well as make new friends and connections.  I certainly would not have had the resources to attend all the football games I’ve attended if not for my membership in the Longhorn Band. I also would probably not have actively participated in the game itself and help foster that incomparable Longhorn school spirit. Finally, I would have never been able to witness first handedly such a stunning victory against our overzealous and overconfident neighbors across the Red River.

Though chemistry is my primary passion, my musical excursions with the Longhorn Band several nights a week are a welcome change of atmosphere and specialty. In a way, however, science and music are both very similar. Both can be enormous collaborative efforts to make something amazing or groundbreaking that affects all people in their everyday lives. Both are typically trial and error, and an unexpected mistake or observation can lead you in a whole new, innovative direction. Those who participate in both scientific and musical excursions tend to be unbelievably passionate about what they do; it’s rarely about the money, success, or recognition, but instead about the idea of contributing something new, refreshing, and beautiful to human society.

We have a lot to be proud of here at the University of Texas, and it would be limiting if we only utilized some of our resources. With over 1,000 organizations, the University of Texas offers a vast array of opportunities to traverse campus and disciplines. You could potentially even travel around the state, the country, and even the world. It’d be a shame if you didn’t join one! Though we are scientists, expanding our intellect and our abilities to different areas of life can only increase our ability to have a positive impact in our scientific fields in an ever-evolving world.

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