Pre-Physician Assistant Society

With the incoming changes in the healthcare industry, the PA role will become even more important in providing quality healthcare for those in need. With the profession gaining more support and ground from the government, we need more Pre-PA students! Read more about the profession.

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society of UT is the organization on campus that offers professional development for Pre-PA students and education for students exploring a health profession that is right for them. We invite various speakers from the PA community to our meetings and have volunteering opportunities. Our organization also offers a collaborative and cohesive community to support students in their endeavors.

We strive to: 
      Educate students about the growing physician assistant profession
      Encourage and support students inquiring about the field and applying to programs within a community setting
      Prepare students for the physician assistant profession
      Partner with healthcare professionals and organizations that support the physician assistant field
We hold meetings every other Monday each semester from 6-7 pm! Our first meeting is Sept. 23rd 7-9pm at CLA 0.128. Our guest speaker will be an instructor from UTMB Galveston, Heather Ashford PA-C!
Come join us and see why PAs are amazing!
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