Letter From the Editor

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - Hilary Cooper
“A fresh start”, a simple phrase to encompass the attitudes by which students approach a new semester. I witness this in all my peers; a strange joy that school is starting again, and alongside the excitement we become motivated to make this semester the one to remember. With a new semester the possibilities suddenly become endless: A’s in all of our classes, staying on top of our assignments, avoiding stress, and possibly even avoiding the dreaded all-nighter.

Although we begin the semester with great enthusiasm, somewhere along the road there happens to be a falling off phase. Our work takes over our lives, studying seems like a choice rather than a necessity, and the endless amount of excitement that we once possessed has vanished. So how does one avoid such an emotional roller coaster as an undergraduate? We must first acknowledge that, like anything, an enjoyable college experience should be perceived as a habit. Those who seem like they are at their very best every day have made it a habit to take on any challenge the day presents. These individuals have grasped that going to class and studying are components of the life of every undergraduate, and, consequently, there must be something else that drives them besides good grades. College, after all, will be remembered by the moments we made, more so than anything else. These moments are, therefore, what we must look for to maintain a sane and memorable experience. So where to look? This month’s issue of The Catalyst highlights where these moments can be found.

Regardless of your interest, the best source for great experiences resides in the vast amount of organizations that we have within CNS, as well as the University. There is an organization for every interest: research centered, pre-health focused, service oriented, and social groups. The first step is to just start asking and looking. In addition to clubs, it’s important to find a hobby or an interest that appeals to you. This can include playing asport on a weekly basis, getting fit, performing research, dancing, collecting things - you name it! We must just first begin by finding what drives us, and add these items into our daily regime. Our stressful lives will be then be stressful and interesting, and everyday matters, such as school work, won’t take on such a toll.

It is indeed “a fresh start”, but what’s the point if we regress back to the same habits which have led us to rather forget the previous semesters? Escape the norm, and search for something worth remembering.
Until next time,
Lakshya Nagar

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