Join Texas Nutrition!

Written by JULIE CHEN

The University of Texas at Austin is a large university with a plethora of organizations available for the student body to get involved in. With all of the different clubs, it can be difficult to sort out which one is the best for you. There are organizations that range from cultural, social, and basically every single interest that a person can have! One of the organizations that I have had the pleasure to participate in is Texas Nutrition. I love this organization because it contains a little bit of every aspect that makes UT organizations so amazing.
Texas Nutrition is open to all majors; anyone who is interested in health and wellness is encouraged to join. We provide free healthy food at every meeting and have a guest speaker come in. These guest speakers range from chefs to registered dietitians to personal trainers. Each meeting these professionals allow us to learn more about what they do and how they got to their position. We also host a career panel in the fall for those people interested in a profession related to nutrition. In addition, we participate in intramural sports, host fundraisers, service events and socials! Texas Nutrition truly is a compilation of all the best parts of organizations on campus!
I highly recommend getting involved in Texas Nutrition or if you are remotely interested in health to at least check us out! You can learn more at our website
Hope to see you soon!

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