Pre-Health Experience


The Pre-Health experience, formally known as Minority Men in Health, is a new organization on campus. The purpose of our organization is to navigate Pre-Health students through the hardships of college by providing direct peer mentorship and a strong support system. Our meetings are extremely unique; the organization gathers in a circle, and everyone sits at the same level no matter who they are.

We also have speakers that are well known across the college. For example Dr. Brent Iverson came to speak at our second meeting. He discussed some important personal experiences of his life, and gave us the opportunity to truly know him outside of being this Organic Chemistry teaching master. We also have had Dr. Sacha Kopp, the associate dean of the college and our advisor, come speak. Again we were able to know another key figure in our college on a personal level, and had the opportunity to ask him anything we wanted. The best part about our speakers is that they are asked to come as casual and relaxed as possible. They don’t stand in front of us and lecture; instead they sit in our circle and become one of us.

speakers are just one aspect of our meeting. We have a section called real talk. This part of the meeting is the heart and soul of PHE. Real Talk is where our members are given the chance to vent about how they are doing, and discuss any hardships, as well any successes they’ve recently experienced. Real Talk is followed up by a section known as, solutions. Here members are allowed to provide ideas in order to help another member. This is an important component of PHE: Everyone has different life experiences, and each individual can benefit greatly from one another.

Overall PHE does not focus on getting you to medical school; we focus on getting you out of college. We not only want our members to graduate, but also desire that they leave with numerous priceless experiences. PHE will provide you with the guidance and direct exposure with professors so that we reach our goals together.

If joining PHE sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please look us up on Facebook: The Pre-Health Experience, or send us an email at

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