Letter From the Editor

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Readers,

Every semester we are given the opportunity to broaden our horizons and/or sharpen our skills. Whether it be running our first 10K, or partaking in a semester long research project, these experiences, and not our grades, will be what we truly remember after graduating.

Fortunately for CNS students, our college provides us with a vast array of opportunities to make our college years memorable. This issue of The Catalyst spotlights a member of Synapse, who expresses his passion for research, and how research can facilitate the growth of an undergrad.  In addition, we’ve highlighted major events that will be occurring this week, for Research Week 2013, for anyone interested in getting involved in research.

While our courses and research experiences provides priceless knowledge  concerning our focus of study,  they alone can’t provide a well-rounded college experience. Finding a community outside the classroom, either in the form of an organization or a weekly volunteer endeavor, is crucial. Our college, luckily, is home to many potential communities, some which are well known, while others may require a little exploring to discover. We’ve highlighted a new organization in CNS, The Pre-Health Experience, which focuses on the mentorship between students and CNS professors. 

On a broader level, we students can enhance our college experiences by being a source for change.  We start here, intending to change the world, but there are also changes within our campus that are student driven. The leadership of our college are not always aware of what students are passionate about, and nor should we expect them to be. Issues, such as frustration for the lack of flexibility in science degrees, or concerns surrounding environmental issues on the 40 Acres  require students to highlight them via the power of their voices.  By taking advantage of events such as Town Hall, students can voice their issues, and the deans can evaluate the morale of the college while making adjustments to address any concerns.  We can therefore look back at the changes we’ve been a part of creating and take sincere pride in them.  The potential to leave a mark is, however, not that far away. Soon we’ll be the subjects of articles discussing our contribution to the field of science and beyond.  

Lastly, I must say that I’m excited to step in for Rose Nguyen as the new editor for The Catalyst, and hope to take over where she left off. I’m extremely optimistic towards the future of The Catalyst, and hope you continue to support us as you have for so long. 

Continue to remain strong through these last couple of weeks, and continue to strive to leave a trail of the change you’ve been a part of creating.

Lakshya Nagar

P.S. Congratulations to Natural Sciences Council’s very own, Bonnie Cole, for being receiving the 2013 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship!

Pre-Health Experience

The Digitalization of Medicine