Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers, As the weather becomes a little chilly, it’s a good time to look back on what we’ve done, as well as plan forward.

Natural Sciences Week has flown by. This is our biggest project of the year, showcasing the members of council, especially our executive board and chairs, and what we represent to the College of Natural Sciences. The purpose of each event is to connect our peers with their academic environment here in a college that only seems dauntingly large and provide them an inviting channel to explore it. We are the liaisons between the students and the faculty. We all can relate to at least one other person in CNS concerning the rigor of our coursework, our concerns about the future, and the issues of student life—this is the connection to keep in mind as we proceed. Remember to support someone, because someone else is undoubtedly supporting you, whether you realize it or not.

It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of details, completing points, turning in projects, etc., but it’s essential that we remember to adjust our perspective every now and then to realize that our main goal is to represent the 10,000+ students in the College and to speak out and voice our opinions, whether during Senate legistlation discussions or even directly interacting with our Student Government Natural Sciences Representative, Perry Pickei, at the meetings.

With The Catalyst, we are planning some significant changes in order to achieve this goal. More on this as the year progresses, but remember that participation from council members is always welcomed in any medium (writing, design, editing) that you’d like to express yourself in about anything you’re interested in; we want to hear viewpoints from all of you guys.

Stay warm, stay kind, stay enthusiastic.

Rose Nguyen nsc.catalyst.chair@gmail.com

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