De-Stress Yourself!

By Grace Schaack Every college student knows that life can be stressful. Between studying, being involved in student organizations, staying on top of doing your laundry, keeping up with family, trying to get into the right classes, keeping track of how much you are spending, and generally trying to survive college, there is a lot going on in a college student’s life that can contribute to a high level of stress. So here are a few ways to help restore your peace of mind when you need a time out, whether you have a few minutes or a few hours.

If you only have a few minutes to an hour to work in some relaxation time, try one of these:

-       Sit by the turtle pond, or under a tree, or somewhere else where you can sit peacefully and soak in the beauty and complexity of the natural world; sometimes it helps to think about something larger than yourself, or to appreciate the little things in life to calm you down, get your priorities in order, and see things more clearly.

-       Take a nap; lack of sleep tends to make everything seem worse than it really is.

-       Talk to some friends; whether you want get some advice from a friend who can look at your situation through fresh eyes or you just want to talk about random things to help your mind escape for a while, a little human interaction can be good to help you work out that stress!

-       Play a game on your phone, watch an episode of your favorite television show, listen to some music; anything to distract you and give your mind a little time off from stressing out.

If you have more time to spend chilling out, try one of these:

-       Go to the gym for a workout; studies have shown that exercise is an excellent way to de-stress yourself.

-       Get some friends together and head to Zilker Park; there are so many things to do there that you are bound to find something to take your mind off of things and let you have a little fun and relax:

  • Walk the trails
  • Go swimming
  • Go kayaking
  • Have a picnic
  • Play Frisbee
  • and if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic…ride the kiddie train!

-       Go to a movie

-       Go out to eat with friends

-       If you have time, go home; being away from family can be stressful, and seeing and talking to them can help you solve a stressful problem.

-       It may not be nice to hear, but procrastination can lead to stress, so if the cause of your stress is that you have let studying and schoolwork pile up on you, that burden can be lifted off of your shoulders or at least lessened by buckling down and getting your work done.

-       If you have an interest in music, art, sports, photography, or whatever else, take some time to indulge in your passion; it will help you relax and keep you well rounded.


Another way to take a small amount of time for yourself is to do a fun puzzle like this one:

Instructions: Unscramble the letters to make a word. Then unscramble the boxed letters to answer the final question.


☐ _ _ ☐ _



_ _ _ ☐☐



☐ _ _ ☐☐ _



_ _ _ _ _ ☐☐



☐ _ _ _ _

What does every college student want to be? ☐☐☐☐☐☐-☐☐☐☐!

Farewell, Seniors of NSC

Letter From The Editor