Student Spotlight: Missy Wu from Kappa Rho

Written by MISSY WU

imageNutrition Major with a Kinesiology and Health Specialization
President of Kappa Rho Pre-Medical Honor Society

I always had an interest in obesity prevention and wanted to become a doctor, bariatric surgeon specifically, and help individuals deal with weight loss. However, it wasn’t until last year when I started taking upper division nutrition classes that I realized what obesity prevention really meant to me.

I decided to hold off on medical school and pursue the awareness and prevention side of obesity. I started to ask myself why I wanted to become a doctor, and the answer to that was to help people. I later began to ask myself, would being a doctor actually help individuals with obesity? Does being a doctor only deal with the aftermath/effects of individuals suffering with obesity? It was because of this that I realized I wanted to pursue something else besides the pre-medical field. I am in the process of applying to get a master in public health and what better way to start practicing my obesity prevention skills than here at UT Austin. We tell people “what starts here changes the world”… and that’s exactly what I am going to do and the girls of Kappa Rho are going to do.


I am working with CNS and the Nutrition Department to get NTR306, Introduction to Nutrition, to be classified as a core course starting the Fall of 2014.

I am also currently working with Kelsey Coto, President of The Food Studies Project, on a Nutrition Learning Module to hopefully present to UT Undergraduates by next year.

Kappa Rho is working with Gym-Pact, a smart phone app that encourages individuals to work out through money incentives, to promote active lifestyles here at UT.



• Held a tabling event outside of Gregory on March 5th.

• Goal: to show Gym-Pact that UT is the best and most active university and to show that UT does not support inactivity and does not want to contribute to the current obesity epidemic.

• We encouraged students to join gym-pact by signing up online (we provided laptops and ipads at our tables) or on their smart phones

• Gym-pact is an app that pays people to work out. They just have to check in to gyms, home workouts, or track their running for 30 minutes.

• We were also able to work with Gym-Pact to give students an instant $5 if they signed up with the UT Referral Code: Texas.

• We also distributed some obesity facts:

-Approximately 72.5 million Americans are obese

-3 of 10 college students are obese or overweight

-1 of 6 college students will gain 10 pounds by graduation.

- Working out helps reduce stress, improve grades, increase self-confidence, better physical health, stronger body and mind.

• The referral code “Texas” still works and we still encourage students at UT to sign up and read about it on their website if they have not done so already.

• We were able to get approximately 100 students to sign up for Gym-Pact and we were so surprised that not a lot of people knew about this app! We would love for students to spread the word about this great opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle and get paid while doing so!


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