5 Quick and Easy Tips for Handling Finals

                                                                  By Timothy Wong

The semester is ending, finals are arriving, and students are busier than ever. Here are 5 realistic tips I have gathered from around the Internet of ways to stay sane and on-track during finals week.

1. Exercise

Exercise will provide you with much-needed stress relief. Exercise also helps to clear your mind, giving you a break from running all that information through your head. The quickest way to do this is to go for a run (20 minutes, tops). Come back, shower (and eat), and continue studying.

2. Eat a lot

If you can catch a 10-minute snackbreak every 3 hours, you’re good to go. Stick with foods that will help you think without giving you food coma, like apples, sandwiches, and cereal. Stay away from the candy; the sugar rush will make you inattentive, and you will regret eating the whole bag later. Or just treat yourself after finishing a section/chapter if you must have candy.

3. Take showers often

This is another good way to stay fresh, physically and mentally. If you’ve been studying all day, and need a mental break, just go take a shower. Everyone loves that cool feeling after getting out and it will make you feel happier and more relaxed. A word of caution: spend too long in the shower and you’re just wasting time  (30 minutes should be your maximum time limit).

4. Approach the more difficult sections first

This gives you more time to internalize the material, and work on examples that are challenging for you. If you are in trouble early on, you will probably have time to seek help. If you delay the hard stuff until the end, you may not get the same luxury.

5. Be cognizant of and limit your time on online sites

If you already know you’re going to browse Reddit, at least save it until you finish a section. Let it be a reward rather than a privilege. Say you’re going to spend just 15 minutes browsing and honor that. Get back to studying and when you finish the next section, you can take another break. 

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