Farewell, Seniors of NSC!

But before you leave, what are some pieces of advice you can give us?

“If at all possible, study abroad because it is the best experience ever.”
-Tyler Rhodes, Computer Science

“Enjoy your undergraduate experience because you don’t stay undergrads for very long.”
-Shayan Dioun, Microbiology

Stay involved in NSC or any other organization—have a passion for anything outside of school because if you just do school you may not develop yourself.”
-Kim Cao, Biochemistry

“Dedicate yourself to something you love.”
-Mitzi Aguilar, Cell and Molecular Biology  

Just get involved with something; it’s fairly easy, especially when you are a science student to be like a loser but try to have fun even if you’re not going downtown or anything. Enjoy Austin, it’s a great place to be.”
-Dana Zwiebel, Biochemistry 

“Take the new peeps under your wing…”
-Houdah Abualtin, Cell and Molecular Biology

“…and really get to know one another.”
-Karen Poh, Public Health 

“Cherish the city you are in while you can. Austin has a lot of places where you can go out in the wilderness like the Greenbelt or Mount Bonnell.”
-Brandon Jakubowski, Cell and Molecular Biology 

Letter from the Editor