The Natural Sciences Council hosts Town Hall

The Natural Sciences Council hosts Town Hall with the intent of bringing in the leadership to discuss any issues that natural sciences students have encountered. This is an open forum where students can voice their concerns. It is truly interesting to see the inner workings of the College of Natural Sciences.

The meeting on April 9, 2012, covered several relevant topics. The panel consisted of the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Programs Dr. Sacha Kopp, the Assistant Dean for Honors, Research and International Studies Dr. Sarah Simmons and the Director of the Career Design Center Karen Landolt.

Questions addressed:

  1. What are the strengths and weakness of the advising program, particularly for first year students?
  2. Why does the College not acknowledge or recognize minors?
  3. What is the reasoning behind the discrepancy between the number of hours allotted for lab credit and the actual workload? 
  4. What is this new accelerated medical school program and will it apply to current students?
  5. Why are fashion and design students grouped into the College and is it fair that they are required to take the same courses as other science majors?
  6. Why are computer science students not in the school of engineering?
  7. What are our actual rates of students participating in study abroad programs in our College compared to others?
  8. Will other courses be adopting lecture capture?
  9. What kind of changes are we implementing for the push for the 4 year graduation rate?
  10. What advice do you have for students that do not gain admissions into graduate school after graduation?
  11. What programs have been created for transfer students to assist them in their transition to the University?

Also, Karen Landolt mentioned a new internship course that will be created for this fall that allows students to gain academic credit. Visit the Career Design Center for more details.