Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Maybe you’ve never heard of The Catalyst. Maybe you have. Either way, you are now reading the new and improved Catalyst. Gone are the days of archaic PDF newsletters, but don’t worry, you can still find past issues of The Catalyst on the council website: 


Natural Sciences Council will now be reporting to you in a more dynamic way. We’ll have videos. We’ll post pictures. We’ll keep you updated on the latest campus events and scientific news. Most importantly, with all of these things, you, the reader, will be able to comment and participate in the discussion. Feel free to suggest topics that you’d like us to cover. Write an editorial piece and send it in.

The Catalyst committee has been working hard on this month’s issue and we would love your feedback. So go on, read about how scientists may be one step closer to creating the invisibility cloak or hear students talk about how they got interested in science.

Happy March!

Prachi Patel

Editor of The Catalyst


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