15 Questions with Dr. Kate Biberdorf

Tharoor and Fredrick interview Dr. Kate Biberdorf, an introductory chemistry lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. The video marks the first of its kind on Catalyst, in a new segment of Vogue-esque interviews with CNS faculty.

Review: Neo Yokio Season 1

Wang discusses the six episode long Netflix Original series, Neo Yokio, and critiques its plot and dialogue. He comments on the the reviews that other critics have made on the series, and analyzes the comical and satirical aspects of the show.

Spiderman Homecoming: Review

Ovais reviews John Watts’ Spiderman: Homecoming, comparing it to prior Spiderman films and discussing the movie’s fresh teen-oriented content. In between traditional film criticism, Ovais focuses on Peter Parker’s interaction with Tony Stark and addresses the themes of youth and coming-of-age.

UT Grade Distributions

Natural Sciences Council has compiled grade distributions dating back to 2013 to help UT students make more informed decisions regarding registration.